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I am an attractive intelligent girl with a natural inner sense of composure….and curiosity.  I like to do things that keep me healthy & happy that also stimulate my creative interests, like cooking.  For example, I like to make cookies and desserts from recipes I find in magazines, but with additional touches of natural ingredients like oranges or lemons.

I like good humor, and stimulating discussions that lead to heart-to-heart dialogue.  I enjoy being able to put my point across and bring someone around while always maintaining a pleasant impression.

I am a girl of many facets.  I love things that are simple……like tuna steak, a Beethoven symphony, watching sports, or making a room cuddly and warm.   And I love things that are elegant… watching a yacht race, or sweet perfume with hints of vanilla, or diamonds which tweak a girl’s imagination with their sparkle and their message of love.

Wouldn’t you like to explore my inner sparkle?

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