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Russian masseuse Anastasia



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Hello All, First, my name is Anastasia and I am a Russian masseuse from Moscow. I am a passionate lady with a beautiful smile and brown eyes. My favourite time of the day is morning when the alarm clock goes off. First thing in the morning I leap out of bed and start the day with a cup of hot coffee. I feel most alert at noon and least alert in the wee small hours. First thing in the morning I like to look through some exciting artickles and last thing at night tuckled myself up and read a romantic book. The last time I got up at the crack of dawn was when I visited Italy and to get to at the airport. I managed but my flight was cancelled. Two days ago I woken up in the wee small hours because my small kitten wanted to show me his affection. So, Like most people, I am neither an owl or a lark, but somewhere in between. I am a professional masseuse with skilled hands. Well, try my outcall body to body massage, tantric, massage for couple. Contact me whatsApp +79269703630





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