Erotic massage


Beautiful massage therapist in the middle of the room.

I am a pretty Russian beautiful girl but I have a small problem! Exhausted as I am I sometimes wake up in the wee small hours and can’t get back to sleep again.

Strange as it may seem I wake up at the crack of dawn when I have a day off in front of me. Try as I might being a lark is still a problem for me!)

Previous Saturday we stayed up the whole night with friends in Moscow city center. It was completely fantastic! We visited a lot of bars literally the best ones with the best wine. This Moscow bar had unbelievably big wine glasses and unbelievably wide range of drinks. Unfortunatlly, I had to go home before the metro closed.

I stayed up at my home last night.

Actually, I didn’t stay up all night. I woke up at mid night and couldn’t get asleep till wee small hours, literally till four. Generally, I was alone, except for my kitten. Nothing was happening during the night. From time to time I had a look through the window because it was open and there was strong wind outside. I was listening to a very interesting detective story by B. Akunin. I like English, German, American detectives, especially by Rex Stout. I was tucked up and immersed myself into the plot. I didn’t notice when I had fallen asleep. When I woke up at the crack of dawn and player was still working. I switched it off and dedicated to daze. I can’t say that it was worthwhile experience but I couldn’t sleep anyway and I am glad I managed to listening an interesting American story.



Nice boats in the harbour.
Classic Yachts, Italy

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