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Russian masseuse Elisha

Russian masseuse Elisha Hello All. My name is Elisha. I am a Russian girl with an extravagant and flashy sexuality. I started my career as a model, arranging very spicy photo shoots, then starred in light porn, and after a while I completely immersed myself in the work of a masseuse. My clients say that …

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Russian masseuse Helga

Russian masseuse Helga Hello All. Well, first of all the main thing you need to know is that my name is Helga and I am quite modest in other words I don’t like talking about myself. In fact I am very supportive for instance when I communicate with people I try to encourage people’s interests …

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Russian masseuse Liza

Russian masseuse Liza Hello All, First of all, Lisa is considered the sexiest blonde, endowed with a dazzling face, infinitely long legs and an elegant figure. The symbol of the masseuse is a tattoo on the left buttock in the form of a red rose.   At 18, she began dancing in strip clubs. A …

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Russian masseuse Natasha

Russian masseuse Natasha

Hello All, My name is Natasha. In fact, I like Nature and sea activities.

Coconut. Maldives.
Coconut. Maldives.



pineapple, watermelon, mango, coconut. Maldives
pineapple, watermelon, mango, coconut. Maldives


First of all, I am a stunning Russian beauty who leads a healthy lifestyle. Therefore fitness activities are an essential part of my life……to keep my body beautiful, muscles stronger, my ass firm, and for feeling my best overall.  Of course, physical exercises and workouts are part of my normal fitness regimen, but in my leisure time I also prefer physical activities…….and for me, the best is Diving.

Stingray diving
Stingray in the ocean. Maldives

Diving is what I’m most fond of in my spare time. This is my wondrous way to stay fit. Water is for me is a beautiful infinity. Air, waves, the natural marine environment………pleases the eye and soul. A deep dive enthralls me with the beauty of the underwater world. This is little point in talking about that the depth size of the ocean makes your stagger.


Sea turtle. Maldives.
Sea turtle. Maldives

Something else that I need to comment on is that Bahamas, Australia and Egypt are my favourite places to dive with their crystal clear and warm water, coral reefs and fascinating marine life.  Under the sea you can’t  ride a sea turtle because this creature is on the UNESCO heritage list but you can interact with other inhabitants of the underwater environment. It is one of my most relaxing and rewarding ways of both having fun and keeping fit.

Wouldn’t you love to have me as your marine mate next time? Call me.


Stingray. Maldives
Stingray. Maldives


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Russian masseuse Inna

Russian masseuse Inna Hell All, Inna is a chic Russian girl with an immaculate figure. She loves beautiful underwear, especially lacy, silk combinations: “I’m a big lover of exotic lingerie. It’s important to me what kind I wear. This is how I show my real inner sexiness. And it’s really cool! Lingerie is like high heels….it’s …

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Russian masseuse Selena

Russian masseuse Selena Hello. My name is Selena. I have a mysterious and feminine personality, and I am also a sweet, sexy blonde and just an angelic girl. At 18, I worked as a stripper at bachelor parties. And I was just trying to pose in a négligée for the cover of a Moscow magazine. …

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Russian masseuse Anna

Russian masseuse Anna Hello everyone, Anna is a lovely nice girl and one of our most valued massage therapists. She has experience in the art of tantric massage. You will love her touch. Only one session of tantric massage and you will forget about nervous tension, sleep disturbances, overwork, headaches and back pain. She also offers …

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Russian masseuse Linda

Russian masseuse Linda Hello All, My name is Linda. I am an attractive intelligent girl with a natural inner sense of composure….and curiosity.  I like to do things that keep me healthy & happy that also stimulate my creative interests, like cooking. For example, I like to make cookies and desserts from recipes I find …

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Russian masseuse Sasha

Russian masseuse Sasha “Sasha is amazing Russian girl to spend time with.” Hello All, My name is Sasha. I’m a sensuous aspiring young actress & model who can convey a wide range of emotions and feelings. I love working in the film and television sphere and I always put my heart and soul into my …

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Russian masseuse Nicole

Russian masseuse Nicole     Hello All, My name is Nicole. I am a friendly Russian girl. I like Nature. I often go to Moscow countryside and every time I travel there I am very delighted that people are able to see. The place I go to is abundant of luxuries landscapes. I like to …