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Liza is an exclusive classy massage therapist, blessed with a dazzling face, infinitely long legs, and a curvy figure. She is a friendly masseuse, adores the good company, shares interesting conversations. She understands that all people are different and finds approach to everyone. Book massage now.

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Inna is a chic girl with an immaculate figure. She loves beautiful underwear, especially lacy, silk combinations:  “I’m a big lover of exotic lingerie. It’s important to me what kind I wear. This is how I show my real inner sexiness. And it’s really cool! Lingerie is like high heels….its a catalyst for my sexual energy! …

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Anna is a nice girl and one of our most valuable massage therapist. Anna’s favourite song Anna in a white short dress She is a very elegant as well as discreet and well-mannered. She will impress you from the moment you meet her. She is one of our most beautiful luxury masseuse and her massage …

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I am an attractive intelligent girl with a natural inner sense of composure….and curiosity.  I like to do things that keep me healthy & happy that also stimulate my creative interests, like cooking.  For example, I like to make cookies and desserts from recipes I find in magazines, but with additional touches of natural ingredients …

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Sasha is amazing Russian girl to spend time with I’m a sensuous aspiring young actress & model who can convey a wide range of emotions and feelings. I love working in the film and television sphere and I always put my heart and soul into my work. And although Moscow is not a resort city, …

Erotic massage girls in Moscow


      I am friendly girl. I like Nature. I often go to Moscow countryside and every time I travel there I am very delighted that people are able to see. The place I go to is abundant of luxuries landscapes. I like to observe the scenery so much that sometimes i notice I …

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I am a student living in Moscow….and an open minded person.  I like reading the history of Russian literature, history of Western literature, and writing tests for my performances at the University. Currently, I am finishing my coursework to get a diploma in international literary education. To complete my thesis work, I must read and …

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  My name is Olga. I am an elegant, delightful Russian girl born in Moscow and living in the Moscow metropolitan area.  I love this city.  Its historical legacy makes the citizens different –I think more distinctive– from inhabitants in other places. If one day my encounter friend would like a personalized sight-seeing tour, I can show …

Erotic massage girls in Moscow


I am a pretty Russian beautiful girl but I have a small problem! Exhausted as I am I sometimes wake up in the wee small hours and can’t get back to sleep again. Strange as it may seem I wake up at the crack of dawn when I have a day off in front of …